DAP 8-Way XLR Stagesnake 15M Black
DAP 8-Way XLR Stagesnake 15M Black

DAP 8-Way XLR Stagesnake 15M Black




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DAP 8-Way XLR Stagesnake 15M Black. New product. (D951215).

- New product. Stock clearance. (3)

Those of you who are familiar with the “stage-environment” know the problem: cables all over the place! Specially around the drums and keyboards you will find “cable-spagetti”: all lines going directly to the main stagewheel to get connected to the mixingconsole. The best and simpliest way to solve this problem is to use the so-called Stagesnakes. A stage-snake is best discribed as a sub-multicable, which is connected to the main multicable (Stagewheel) and gives you a more clean and organized look and configuration on stage and behind the scenes. Note that a stagesnake has no “return” from the mixer on the box. There are several models available from DAP-audio.

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